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Digital Marketing Service in Dubai

This brief article is about the nature of Digital Marketing services in Dubai. You can also go to our sister website by click Digital Marketing in Dubai.

Let’s look at the following stats first and then we can get to the relevant questions.

Internet Growth and Population Statistics UAE:

YEAR        Users        Population   % Pop.      Usage Source

2018      9,385,420    9,541,615     98.4 %      IWS

What are the implications of this for small & medium size businesses?

Can every business take advantage of digital marketing?

The answer to these questions is both yes and No.

You see, Small business owners, who mostly rely on existing customer base or word-of-mouth, should not use digital marketing as they normally don’t have the ambition to grow. We are talking about a typical mom-and-pop business here.

I think there could be a business whose target audience cannot be reached effectively using technology. It is also possible that the owners either do not understand or does not appreciate digital technology or marketing.

One better stay away from such places and focus on businesses that already have used digital marketing before. It would save you a lot of time and energy.

With the ever-increasing number of freelancers in the market, DM service quality has really gone down. It has not only created false expectations in the market but also made many clients skeptical of digital marketing services.

After all, most freelancers do a good job of delivering bad experiences 🙂

Most people are excited about social media these days and would like to put their business on social media. They often think it is cheap and easy to run a social media page.

After a few quick video tutorials and articles about social media, they proceed to create a social media account for their business and start posting. Their posts are all about telling the world how great their business and products are.

There is a never-ending announcement of deals and uploading of images about their products. However, when they fail to see any engagement on their page, they quit in disappointment. Of course, people are people and they like throw the baby with the tub.

OK, let’s assume that you get it and you can create useful content on social media for your business without bragging about your company or service. I mean you have assumed the responsibility to create content about your brand and you are able to do it.

This means a considerable time away from your business’ core process that you are passionate about. After all, you are not running a social media agency and your business only utilize social media to promote your business that can be a restaurant, clinic and a training center etc.

Therefore, your specialty is the core process (service or product) that defines your business not social media or digital marketing. Otherwise, you better close your business down and open a digital marketing agency.

This is a dilemma that you can face when you try to convince an entrepreneur, who is a little bit tech-savvy, to buy digital marketing service from you.

You can face a similar situation if you are trying to convince a small business owner to outsource you Google AdWords/PPC Service in Dubai.

Let’s say you know such an entrepreneur in Dubai and you would like to approach him or her. What should you do? And how should you make this call?

Here is my tip:

Get them on a call and explain to him how to outsource social media etc can help him focus more on his business and then tell him how much you would like to charge him. If they agree, go ahead & get an appointment with them.

Additionally, you can also tell them that you can also offer them a consultancy service. End the meeting in 10 minutes and if they are trying to extract useful information or knowledge for free, just ask them to sign up for your consultancy services.

I don’t believe in the free consultancy, let’s not allow others to exploit us. For example, if you ask a business owner about some critical information about his business, he would most likely refuse.

Then why should you be giving away your creative ideas for free? After all, you earn your living by selling your ideas and knowledge.

In my opinion, most SMEs in Dubai would be better off if they just focus on online advertising such as PPC/Adwords etc. It is not only cost effective but also can bring them quick sales.

Therefore, as a digital marketing agency or freelancer, you should communicate this to your potential client.

Simply because content marketing is a game played by those who have the money and willpower to sustain creating good content for free for a long period of time.

Often, as I mentioned earlier, people think content marketing is just about creating some graphics and text.

Of course, they think they can just get an app to do quick basic design, add some text & they are good to go.

No, they are not good to go.

Content Marketing is about creating an authentic story around your brand which means you need to contribute value for free. Your contribution could be free information or education for a very long period of time.

Mostly, small and medium-size business owners neither have the patience & understand nor the money to execute a content marketing plan.

Therefore, go for direct online advertising to make the most of Digital Marketing services in Dubai. It is true for both small business owners and DM service providers targetting SMEs in Dubai.

(To be edited and updated regularly )