In this brief article, I am going to share with you email spam ruins your productive and an example of email marketing. Yesterday, a business owner asked me to write a sample email for his hosting company that sells anti-spam services to its existing clients.

I came up with the copy below and it can be improved or modified as per your requirements. I hope this short reading would help you understand email writing and email spam better.

(Note: I am going to use only pseudo names here.)

Example of Email Copy: Email Marketing

Subject option 1: How email spam can ruin your business productivity

Subject option 2: [BW Solutions] Your business is making losses because of spam

Dear Mr. Client

Here in our office, everyone is excited about the rainy week in Dubai. I hope you too are enjoying the pleasant weather.

I am sending you this important email to explain how email spam can negatively affect a team’s productive in a workplace.

Today, email spam has reached an epidemic level. Most workplaces are facing the issue of a cluttered & spammed inbox that not only affects the entire business performance negatively but also poses a serious security threat.

Here is how email spam can cause your business losses  

Did you know that an average person takes about 23 minutes to regain focus after a distraction? According to a study, a person checks her inbox 15 times per day.

Let us assume that an employee, while checking her inbox, is distracted by spam emails three times, it means a waste of one hour per day. Just to simplify, you can calculate the loss per employee based on her salary per hour. Add up the wasted hours by the entire team per month, you would get a shocking number.

Email Spam also poses a threat to your business security online

Many of the malicious phishing attacks are launched via emails. The malicious attackers send bulk emails to millions of users hoping to find a security lapse. Once an online attack is successfully launched against a business or website, it is usually very expensive to recover from.

How can you protect your business from spam and the possible security threats?

Prevention is always better than cure. Smart companies proactively seek solutions to improve productivity and security of their businesses.

Here I am going to list a few possible solutions(services) that can help you get rid of email spam as well as secure your business from a malicious external attack.

  • Spam blocking, also the options of white-listing and blacklisting
  • Managed email security
  • Double anti-virus protection
  • Data leak prevention
  • Sandboxing security: protection against highly advance attacks
  • Office 365 protection layer: an additional security layer
  • RBLs: Real Time Black List (against bots and attachments etc.)
  • Outbound email scanning

My company, BW Solutions, offers all of the above solutions to our clients. Since you are already using our hosting services, we would like to keep you updated about the best practices in the industry.

Click here for the details about our email protection services. Please feel free to call us at 04—-

Best Regards

Mr. Manager BW Solutions


I need to revise and rewrite this article later but for now, let’s look at some of the techniques used in the copy.

Before I share the techniques, I must mention that such an email campaign targeted at potential customers can be done in at least two stages:

A: The first stage is about educating the customer about productivity, online security, and spamming. Note, it might take 2 or 3 emails to motivate or educate the potential customers.

B: In the second stage, the email content can focus on raising awareness about the possible solutions offered by the business.

Email copy-writing Techniques

The subject line in an email is extremely important. It can literally make or break the marketing campaign. You can create 3-5 options for a subject line, and then test them to find out which one gets the highest open rate.

The subject line 1: It creates tension and focuses on the problem.

The subject line 2: It is even more direct and hard-hitting.

The body of the email: It begins with an attempt to establish a rapport with the reader followed by the purpose of the email. The purpose of email stresses the importance of the topic and is bold.

The body is divided into a few subheadings all focusing on the same topic i.e. spam and builds a case as to why the issue is so important. Finally, the email suggests possible solutions to the problems highlighted.

In the end, the email closes with a CTA. The body of the email allows for a quick scanning because of subheading and the bold text as now-a-days people mostly just scan a page, they don’t read every word or paragraph. We need to capture their attention with subheadings & bold text.

The email, of course, can be improved further by utilizing a few other techniques that I would try to discuss when I return to this article later.