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This is an online marketing cases study based on my personal experience.

It presents how I have experienced the process of B2B Marketing.

You can also apply the case study to a different industry as well. You can learn from some of the mistakes I made.  I hope you can prepare for a similar business situation better by reading this write-up

A Prospect texted me on LinkedIn. The profile described them as the owner of XYZ company.

Here is how it goes and instead of their real name I am using Prospect XYZ for the person and also a plural pronoun:

The Prospect XYZ:

Dear Qamar Riaz.. how are you … we are looking for a freelance digital marketing expert to help us manage our marketing campaigns for XYZ services that we conduct

  • May you contact me if you are interested to help, please at ……#
    • QR 3:20  (me)

Salam, XYZ, Thanks for contacting me.

Can you please share some details about the work? Plz, share your website link. Thanks.

  • Prospect XYZ sent the following message at 10:35 AM

Prospect XYZ 10:35 AM

You will find all information here https……(shared a link)

        Online Marketing Point of View: B2B Market

To start with, in this case, the client shared contact info and the company info immediately which is all right.

The real story begins afterward when I took them on the phone. I got them on a phone call at my own expense :). Regrettable, don’t you think?

Well, you may say it is normal to make calls in a B2B sales. I understand you perfectly but we can talk about the importance of meaningful hustling in some other future post.

You would find some ruthless people who would like to extract free consultancy from you, but also would not like to make the call to maximize their gains 🙂

You would also find people who would like to happily talk to you about all the details to educate themselves about the products/services and the pricing.

After wasting your time and energy, eventually, they would award the business contract to someone they know or is from their own community. Talking about this in details in the next section.

Let’s return to the call with prospect XYZ. Here, we go!

The first call went on for ten minutes and he was putting forward exaggerated claims to make his company look the greatest in the UAE. Man, it was all just good stuff 🙂

This is the self-aggrandizement that you would, especially, face while selling to a B2B client. I suspect the situation might not be very different in a B2C but, that is beyond the scope of this article.

I kept on sharing not only free information about online marketing but gave away a lot of strategy input. It was this free consultancy that they were after and that was the reason that the call was unusually getting longer and longer. Mind it, at my expense :).

They did not know anything about digital marketing and I tried my best to educate them to win their contract. This was like a training on the phone for them 🙂

The call was followed by a written proposal as requested. Don’t ask me how much time it took to prepare that.

Nowadays, I  don’t share anything from the strategy in a proposal to save myself the trouble. But I only learnt the lesson after burning myself a lot.

In fact, my proposal is a straight contract draft now. Deal with it.

So a few days went by I sent him a message on WhatsApp to get an update  and their reply goes like this

Prospect XYZ: Yes, sir. I got your proposal. Thanks a lot. I sent it to my partner, and once he reviews it, we will come back to you very soon. You know what this means, hahaha.

So I realized I should have asked this question during the first call. Anyway, when I did ask the question, although very very late in the process and everything had gone bust 🙂

“Do you have an office or you work from home?”

He said, ” We do have an office but it is just for the sake of a license registration. We work from home.”

There you go!

So I uttered some nonsense like, yeah it is good to keep overheads minimum initially da..da.. dada.. da…..da,, and ended the Conversation politely knowing well there is nothing here for my business. At least, that is the case right now. My fingers are eternally crossed ever since that last conversation 🙂

                                                  Final Thought

It is a fact that a lot of us enjoy stereotypes about other races, countries, and nationalities. The stereotypes create a bias attitude towards the others and usually begins with the question:

” Where are you from”?

The problem with us is that we find it difficult to trust people with a different background and culture. You can definitely know how their body language, posture, behavior, and tone changes once they know who you are and where you are from. I have experienced that the biased person would like to continue talking to you but you would know something has just changed about them.

Yes, they don’t mind having free and useful information from you. Interesting, isn’t it? However, when it comes to the actual business commitment they give it to their own nationality, or a nationality they believe is more competent or good people. It is just that a lot of us don’t realize but we actively discriminate against others. It has been one of the most difficult challenges I have faced in B2B Marketing selling online marketing services.

It really hurts your business.

The second issue is that such prospects would take your price and free advice to shop around in the market without even thanking you 🙂 Perhaps, the best solution is to help evil people jus