Here is a quick introduction to SEO for beginners.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

The following are five basic concepts of SEO.

  • Keywords
  • Inbound Links
  • Trust Rank
  • Page Rank
  • Meta page title
  • URLs

Keywords: Keywords are also called search terms. These are the words(search queries) that internet users type in search engines such as Google and Bing. A page that is relevant to a keyword is picked by the search engine to serve a query.

YouTube is also a search engine but for videos and it has similar features based on keywords and their relevance.

Inbound links: When other websites link to your content because it is of great value to them, it means you have earned an inbound link. OK, it has to be a quality link.  

A link from another high-ranking website is considered gold. An unknown or dubious website with no authority on the web does not make any difference to your site’s ranking. Search engines like Google do not trust shady SEO practices and even can punish websites with questionable links.

Therefore,avoid buying back-links from such cheap websites in the black-hat SEO market.

To rank your websites you need quality or healthy links, and it is a challenge. If you can build them organically with the sheer power of great content, it is awesome.

For example, Huffington Post is a popular website and enjoys a great domain authority. If Huffington Post links to your website, it is really going to boost the ranking of your site. However, Huffington post would not link to a pathetic website.

TrustRank & Page Rank: Through a Trust Rank, search engines want to find out if your website has something of value to the users. Trust Rank was initially conceptualized to combat the problem of spam. Google does not share much about its system of PageRank so there is a lot of good guessing here and there.

Page Rank is determined by the number of people who like your page and it is generally expressed through links to the page.

OK, if TrustRank is also about inbound links to your website from other trusted or popular website, then what is the difference between page rank and trust rank?

        According to Evan Bailyn (SEO Made Easy):

” When  I talk about PageRank, I am talking about the public evaluation that Google gives to every page on the internet which has only a loose correlation with a page’s actual value in  Google’s eye. When I talk about TrustRank, I am referring to the bottom line for every optimizer: Google’s willingness to place your website higher in the search results and therefore deliver new business. TrustRank is earned in the same the Page Rank is: by receiving links from other sites.”

Meta Page Title: It is the description of your webpage and is written in a specific way on your website. You might need a help from a developer in some case, but in the case of WordPress creating Meta Page Title is not an issue. Google reads meta page title so take care of it as WordPress is already search engine friendly.

URL: URL stands for uniform resource locator. It is the address that has your domain name like URLs can be based on specific keywords for each page on a website. For example,

A lot has changed about SEO in the last 3 years, I would be adding more content on this topic. Keep visiting and thanks a lot for reading.