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You are reading this page because you’re most probably interested in Google Ads or PPC. Ideally, this article is for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

If you are not an entrepreneur, you can still come along 🙂 Let’s start reading!

Google has its own advertising product called Google Ad, formerly called Google Adwords. I assume you do have some basic knowledge about online advertising.

Google Ads is an online advertising system that allows both manual and automatic bidding on keywords to create an ad. It means that keywords related to a search query must be carefully planned and selected.

It is important mainly for two reasons; First, to reach your target audience and increase your brand coverage and exposure; Second, the right keywords can minimize your online advertising costs. Therefore, Google Ads should be handled by an experienced person so that you don’t burn your cash for nothing.

Many online advertisers believe that Google has the highest standard of quality, and their system of online advertising is the most rigorous. I don’t disagree.

Perhaps, that’s why Google is, no doubt, the  de facto leader in the online advertising category.

The Do’s of Google AdWords & PPC in Dubai

1: Do only profitable keywords research and learn how to do by watching a lot of tutorials online.(best tip ever)

2: Learn how to use negative keywords

3: Do research about the demographics(age, income, interest etc.) of your target customer. ( the type of people etc.)

4: Take care of the landing pages on your website. It should deliver conversion. Talk to a good developer to help you out with this.

5: Integrate your Ads to track calls or leads coming from your campaign

6: Train and motivate your staff to convert leads into sales.

  Please, just pay your reception team a better salary,  half of your motivation problems should be gone 🙂

The Don’ts of Google Ads in Dubai

1:  Don’t quit after a few months. Stick to it until you become efficient at finding your target audience/customers. Trial and error is necessary in this case.

2: Don’t ignore your campaign. Instead, watch and monitor it constantly.

3: Don’t stick to the same keywords all the time. Try different keywords and observe the changes.

4: Don’t do it yourself if you don’t have the time for it. Outsource or hire a permanent staff to take care of your Google Ads.

Google Ads and PPC Services 

I have noticed that a lot of small business owners cannot manage Google Ads campaign on their own. They also can’t afford to hire a professional staff. So they are unproductive and their focus is also diverted from their main business. They are simply wasting their energies but some of these are hard to argue with. I would prefer to leave them alone, let them learn a lesson 🙂

These owners or mangers fail to understand the almost classic saying in management i.e you need to work on your business, not in it. It is a classic issue that every owner or entrepreneur faces as it is difficult to let go of the processes in your business. I know this for sure because I am guilty of doing it.

Perhaps, you are too physically & emotionally invested to empower others in the business that you have really struggled to raise for years. Well, like I said,I have been there and done that and I must say it can be a recipe for disaster in a business.

In order to grow your business, you have to realize that you cannot do everything. You are not an accountant, a telesales person or human resource specialist and that is why you hire these people to work for you. Easier said than done 🙂

Likewise, you may not be a digital marketing expert. Therefore, please don’t do try because you can never be as productive as a real professional. If you are as good as any professional, then I humbly invite you to also open a digital marketing or advertising agency  as well. You can either close down your current business or start running it as a side business 🙂 I am with you, champ. Just go for it!

I don’t think a businesses that lacks in focus can go very far. These business are unlikely to grow.

 Google Ads cannot solve all problems: Keep it Real 

It is really good if you appreciate the fact that Google Ads can be just one element of your brand communication. It works well but you should also utilize all other platforms such as SMS, Radio & Social Media etc to increase your brand’s reach. Only if you can afford to do so.

About Google Ads Services 

In the UAE, many entrepreneurs are still not convinced that Pay Per Click Marketing can help their businesses. Some of the entrepreneurs continue to pour a lot of money into the pockets of traditional agencies.

Over the last three years, several reports  have shown that traditional advertising is on the decline fast. On the other hand, Pay Per Click or Online Advertising, on the overall, has shown a significant growth.

Traditional advertising is on the decline because most of the target customers are found online today. The number of people who read print newspapers and watch TV is shrinking really fast.

After the smartphone revolution, mobile users have outnumbered PC users now. In fact, the UAE has a world-beating mobile penetration of 78%.

So the customers are mostly using the mobile phone in Dubai. This change has brought about a revolution of how a business must market and advertise its products and services to reach its target customer.

Fortunately, online advertising is not as costly as traditional print and voice advertising. This creates special opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses to reach their target audience.

Additionally, online marketing targets your audience based on advanced algorithms and you can easily measure the results of your ad campaigns. It makes digital marketing the best option for small businesses.

Therefore, in order to increase profitability, it is useful to consider acquiring Pay Per Click marketing services as an alternative to the expensive traditional communication outlets. Having said that, you can still use a mix of traditional media if it suits your business.

After you see results using online advertising, you will surely make it a regular part of your communication strategy.

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing, commonly called PPC, is an established internet marketing model. In PPC, you pay each time your ad is clicked.

Every business owner wants their website to show up on the first page of all popular search engines such as Google and Bing.

There are two routes to make it to the top of search engine results.

A) Do it the Organic way:

To get to the top of search engines results organically is time-consuming. Nonetheless, it is a great strategy for someone willing to fight it out in the long-run. The organic method (using SEO) has a great potential to generate leads automatically once your website has obtained a high ranking.

B) Pay Per Click:

While the organic method of acquiring a high rank on Google might take 6-12 months, the results of Pay Per Click are fast. You pay Google or Bing to be on the first page.

PPC is the most popular choice of businesses because it instantly improves business visibility and can get you results.

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