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My name is Qamar Riaz. I have a lot of interest in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. I am also actively participating in online marketing and provide services. You can take a look at the list of online marketing services.

Unfreeze Marketing is about marketing management and entrepreneurship. Ideally the whole content should focus on entrepreneurial marketing that positively contributes to the larger interest of a society.

In other words, this site strives to help all entrepreneurs, business managers, business owners and those who are interested in learning marketing skills.

Teach Yourself Marketing

I am interested in the growth of small and medium size businesses. I feel they need a lot of improvement with the way they approach marketing in general.

Fore example, entrepreneurs running a small or medium size business often fail to understand how branding can help grow their business.

I would really love to talk to you about your startup or business if you are doing a great job of protecting the environment. We need to have a viable solution to the issue of sustainability. I guess, there is no confusion about the goal. We are all under threat now.

I am convinced that only ambitious entrepreneurs can find the best solutions to the societal problems we face today. Elon Musk is one such entrepreneur who is trying to tackle some of the major issues.

About the website | Malware Attacks

I have made changes to the design of the websites. This time, the content is going to appear with a slightly bigger font. Some of you who visit this site regularly must have noticed that the website was inaccessible for a few days. Actually, there was a malicious malware attack which I wanted to take care of.

If there is any unusual activity on this website, please do inform me. For example, when you click on unfreezemarketing.com but it redirects you to another url; or there are unusual popups or announcements on the website. It means the website is under attack from malicious malware.

I have uploaded almost all the articles back. It is going to take me a few days to finish the website. In the meantime, let’s focus on getting things done in our business. I hope you have an awesome last quarter of business this year.

Editing and proofreading of the website

Well, on the writing side, the issue with proof reading and editing continues. Till I get a good editor on my side, I will be doing it myself. I’m way too lazy about it and also it is hard to edit /proofread your own writing as one is so caught up in the ideas.

I hope the readers would exercise patience till I have a solution to the problem. I’m sure you can still find useful content here. I’m no way shying away from the reprehensibility of editing:) I’m on it. I do hope by the time, I write the 100th article, I would have made a lot of improvement in writing.

Let’s meet in Dubai or connect online

If you are around, you can drop me a message. We can meet in Dubai. Let’s talk about your business. If you’re outside the UAE, we can always connect online.


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